Empowering Consumers and Retailers

Real-time communications

Unyte is for consumers

For Consumers

  • Save time, save money & stay informed
  • Control what you see, when & where
  • Find products & services around you
I am a consumer
Unyte is for small retailers

For Small Retailers

  • Start your digital transformation
  • Capture the attention of consumers
  • Drive traffic to your location
I am a small retailer
Unyte is for large retailers

For Large Retailers

  • Improve your business processes
  • Engage with connected consumers
  • Attract & retain new consumers
I am a large retailer

A win-win solution

  • Unyte was born out of necessity, created by consumers who want to simplify the retail experience
  • Fellow consumers were asked what information would make their lives easier in the retail journey
  • Retailers were asked who they most wanted to communicate with
  • Safe, easy to use and intuitive, Unyte is a life-style application aimed at the busy shopper
  • Unyte is a win-win solution because it empowers both consumers and retailers

Benefits for retailers and for consumers

Uny - your smart shopping assistant

Uny - the personal shopping assistant

  • Gets better the more the consumer uses the app
  • Learns from in-app usage behaviour
  • Will only show the consumer valuable information
  • Provides relevant, hyper-local information
  • Guarantees anonymity
Unyte - digital marketing services

Saving retailers time and effort

  • Data analytics and behavioural insights
  • Respond immediately to changing consumer demands
  • Use for offers, events, news & product recalls
  • Market digitally at low cost
  • Reaching the consumer whilst respecting their privacy

Connecting consumers and retailers on a hyperlocal level

In this phygital world, we expect to be able to interact with everything around us. Unyte! is making that possible by providing consumers with real-time information about what is going on around them. In time, this will also mean that the feedback loop will be complete and that consumers will be able to address retailers directly. For retailers, this means better communication with consumers who are actually interested in what they are proposing.